Broome County East Sports Report
Juniors Maddie Hayes and Emily Nickson, along with senior teammate Skylar Schaefer, earned spots on the Central/East Southern Tier Athletic Conference all-star team.

STAC released the all-star teams Thursday.

The high-scoring duo of Hayes and Nickson helped the Warriors to a third straight Section 4 Class B title. Midfielder Skylar Schaefer, a skilled ball handler, often got CV's offense started.

Chenango Forks goalie, eighth-grader Piper Collins, also earned Central/East honors.

Binghamton junior Angie Banks was named to the Metro/West all-conference squad.

Ninth-grader Tiffani Schaefer was one of six Warriors to earn Central Division recognition. Schaeffer scored CV's third goal in a 3-2 victory over Oneonta in the Class B final. Isabella Testani, an eighth-grader, seniors Sophia Ashman and Molly Berg, junior Caelyn Koch and sophomore Jade Behlog also grabbed all-division honors for CV.

Katelyn Black, an eighth-grader from Chenango Forks, also made the Central team.

In the East Division, Susquehanna Valley seniors Page Weaver and Morgan Hoffman were honored.

Maddie Hayes, CV, 11, forward; Grace Sleninsky, Oneonta, 12, forward; Erin McDonald, Owego, 12, forward; Ashlyn Dalton, Owego, 9, forward; Skylar Schaefer, CV, 12, midfield; Emily Nickson, CV, 11, midfield; Veronica Madej, Oneonta, 12, midfield; Josie Scanlon, Oneonta, 11, midfield; Taylor Dalton, Owego, 12, midfield; Paige Robinson, Waverly, 11, defense; Alex Aubel, Owego, 12, defense; Cadia Finn, Owego, 11 defense; Kylee Richardson, SV, 10, defense; Piper Collins, Forks, 8, goalie.

Mia Capilli, Elmira, 11, forward; Victoria Capuli, M-E, 10, forward; Grace Robertson, Corning, 12, forward; Angelique Banks, Binghamton, 11, forward; Victoria Elliott, U-E, 9, midfield; Lilia Mack, Corning, 11, midfield; Ava Schmidt, Vestal, junior, midfield; Lily Colling, M-E, 11, midfield; Emma Lamas, HH, 11, midfield; Ashaya Wallace, Elmira, 11, defense; Addison, Stockwin, Vestal, junior, defense; Katie Miley, HH, 10, defense; Gianna DeSantis, M-E, 10, defense; Emmeline Corrington, JC, 12; Ava Fairbrother, HH, 12.

Central Division
Lea VanAllen, Waverly 11, forward; Tiffani Schaefer, CV, 9, forward; Isabella Testani, CV, 8, forward; Kiley Tillman, Waverly, 11, forward; Katelyn Black, Forks, 8, forward; Mackenzie Olmstead, Waverly, 9, midfield; Isabella Silvestri, Owego, 11, midfield; Molly Berg, CV, 12, midfield; Alexis Nelson, Owego, 12, midfield; Cassie Diane, Owego, 12, midfield; Sophia Ashman, CV, 12, defense; Jill Lewis, Owego, 12, defense; Caelyn Koch, CV, 11, defense; Jade Behlog, CV, 10, defense; Paige Robinson, Waverly, 12, defense; Tessa Burger, SCC, 10, goalie; Olivia Dodge, Owego, 11, junior.

East Division
Page Weaver, SV, 12, forward; Carly Stokes, Oneonta, 8, forward; Isabella Dilorio, Norwich, 11, forward; Morgan Hoffman, SV, 12, midfield; Josey Ryan, Norwich, 9, midfield; Natalie Wilde, Oneonta, 11, midfield; Claire Segrin, Oneonta, 11, midfield; Jordan Rellinger, Oneonta, 11, defense; Selene Wellman, Oneonta, 11, defense; Thalia Wellman, Oneonta, 11, defense; Lillie Palmeter, Onoenta, 10, defense; Daphne Frank, Norwich, 10, goalie; Lilli Rowe, Oneonta, 12, goalie.

Metro Division
Laura Napierala, M-E, 9, forward; Kiara Neal, M-E, 8, forward; Kerrigan Kennedy, U-E, 12, forward; Natalie Decker, U-E, 12, midfield; Kara Sullivan, Vestal, 12, midfield; Alexis McIntosh, Vestal, 12, midfield; Ariana Lozier, Vestal, 10, midfield; Adrianna Murphy, U-E, 10, midfield; Breanne Eldred, Vestal, 10, defense; Lauryn Kunkel, U-E, 10, defense; Sophia Colgan, JC, 12, defense; Lamia Kosick, U-E, 11, goalie, Sara McGlynn, JC, 10, goalie.

West Division
Phoebe Colvin, Ithaca, 11, forward; Isabella Enright, HH, 12, forward; Emily Klotz, Elmira, 12, forward; Maddie Ribble, HH, 9, forward; Caitlyn Slavin, HH, 11, forward; Sloane Moss, Elmira, 10, midfield; Lilly Rice, Elmira, 11, midfield; Sophia Resue, Corning, 11, midfield; Isabel Makosch, Ithaca, 10, midfield; Rumi Blizzard, Ithaca, 10, midfield; Addison Taft, Elmira, 11, defense; Megan Wolf, HH, 11, defense; Caitlyn Yearick, HH, 10, defense; Leila Ianovici, Corning, 11, defense; Maggie Calkins, Corning, 10, defense; Amanda Stephens, Corning, 12, goalie.

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